Seamless Events


Infinity Squared Productions is a full service event production company based in New York City. One of our favorite things about living in New York is of course, NYC event life. We also enjoy the easy access to nearly every cuisine in existence, diversity of cultures and arts. With so many places to go, live events are still on the top of the list even amongst busy urban dwellers and visitors.

Here at ISP, we are passionate about producing spectacular events. Over the years of doing just that, we have observed and learned that event production of any compexity is destined for excellence, when the  following is applied:

* professionals who care

* right tools for the job

* superior logistics

* amazing customer service

We are commited to deliver these key elements to every event we produce. Even in high stress situations which are plenty in production - our team stays on top of their game, our gear is reliable and details are accounted for. With us on site, your event looks and sounds like a million dollars and your audience is having a great time.

A picture is worth a thousand words. To see it for yourself please visit our Gallery page.


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